I came across this cute little infographic earlier that I couldn’t wait to share to you. It illustrates whens the best time to send your marketing emails in a nice and simple way.

In order to work out what time is best to send your campaign, you first need to assess your target market. Business to consumer are more likely to get a better result emailing between 7pm and 10pm. If you are business to business, you are most likely to find emailing between 6am and 10am will get the most open rates. After this period, users are typically focused on work, more interested in reading articles on their lunch and receive too many other emails to pay particular attention to your special offers.

With the Hyphen Eshot Manager you are able to get your own statistics just like the above including what times you received the most open rates, and compare the results to previous campaigns so that you can tweak each eshot to get the best results. Sign up for your free account today!

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