Email marketing is a very useful and low cost way of communicating a message to your existing or potential clients. Due to this it has resulted in a high increase of eshots being sent out. There are many sites that will allow you to send a limited amount of emails free of charge every month, which asks the question if you do this; why should you consider paying for an email service with Hyphen Eshots?


Firstly, ask yourself why you are sending these emails out in the first place. Whether it’s to gain more work, new clients or to stop existing clients going to a rival then the look and the way your email is presented is key to the success of your campaign. On the free email services you will normally find that their logo and a link to their site is added to the bottom of your eshot, so your targets can sign up for free emails as well. This begs the question if you are happy that the email that you have sent out, which has already had to battle to get attention from all the other emails your recipient received along with yours, now is being rivalled by the free email link.


The other thing to consider with these free email services is the design of the eshot. These services do have templates but will their preset template they provide give you that attention grabbing effect that will encourage your target to read on and ultimately respond to the message you have sent them? If you are a great graphic designer and you have the time to turn these templates into a customised look that does your organisation justice then go for it, however most of us don’t have either the design skills or the time required to do this.


With Hyphen shots we can create an eshot template for you so it is tailor made for your branding and message. Also for all new email customers we give you your first template design free of charge. In addition to this, every eshot you send out will only have on it your information, branding and links, and it wont have anything on it that promotes ours or anyone else’s services, so when your email is read the only message and call to action is yours, meaning there’s no confusion and no mixed messages.


In addition to all of this, with Hyphen Eshots you get feedback to what emails are opened and clicked through on your campaign so you can see who is responding and what action they have taken. So keep in mind, just because it is free it doesn’t mean it is a good marketing tool. Remember it’s not how many you send out but how many respond that counts.


If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact me on 0116 281 5733 or email