Just a few things to think about before you click SEND on that all important eshot! Email is a fantastic way to connect to your clients, it’s low in cost, fast delivery and easily trackable – what’s not to like? In the current economic climate we’re required to deliver greater results with smaller marketing budgets and email is certainly proving invaluable to any marketing campaign.

Businesses rely on eshots more than ever before, just this week I have received quite a few eshots some valuable and some not. Again this has many advantages, such as sending offers, and promoting a new service or product but these positives can sometimes be its downfall. As e-shots are a fast response medium, some businesses want to get it out as quickly as possible. There is certainly a logic in this thinking, but we would always recommend delaying your email by an hour, a morning, even a day if you don’t have time to proof it properly before it is distributed.

I can imagine some of you have received an eshot in your inbox with a miss spelt subject line and links that don’t work, and I’m guessing most of you immediately dismissed it.

Want to avoid this happening with your eshots? Take a look at the list below before you click send:

•    Has it all been proof read?
•    Does every link work that you have added?
•    Are you using the correct data?
•    Is the subject line correct?
•    Have you checked that the key messages are visible even if the recipient’s email client doesn’t download the images?
•    Has the text version been formatted?
•    Is your call to action clear?
•    Is there a mirror page link? (i.e. if you can’t see the below please click here to view it online)
•    Is there an opt out option?

One tip, check, check again, and then ask someone else to check it just to make sure!

Following these simple points prior to sending out an email campaign could reduce the risk of those nasty surprises and avoid the shame of having to send out a second e-shot apologising for the first mistake.

If you have any questions or would like help with your shots, give me a call on 0116 287 5733 or email info@leicester-eshots.co.uk.

Terri 🙂